Ronix 2019 Supreme EXP Intuition Boots

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Ronix Supreme EXP is a new binding with a pull-out liner, for more demanding people who want to move freely around the wakepark. Tying for wakepark and motorboat. Super straps, allow you to perfectly match the binding to the shape of the foot. More info below. More details

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Ronix Supreme EXP is a binding version with a removable inner liner EXP. It is characterized by the same comfort and quality as all the top Ronixes, but for the more demanding there is the possibility of pulling the liner and moving around it in the wakeparku. The binding has: -Additional holding of the ankle - it is a rubber strap in the binding skeleton, which causes that your foot does not move inside the shoe and improves driving control. -Internal liner-inner liner is thermoformable, which allows for a perfect fit of the foot for bonding. -Liner - it is pulled out and we can walk in the wakeparku. The bottom of the liner is secured with rubber. -The most rigid motherboard on the market - which affects the better management of the board. - Rubber on the back of the binding - I cause that during the fall, the foot is released and the energy does not propagate on the ankles and knees - Super strap straps - these are straps that allow you to easily fasten and adjust the bindings.