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Product Description to Follow S.P.R. Freemont Impact Vest Moss 2020

Follow S.P.R. Freemont Impact Vest Moss

Our focus was to make a sustainable product range that maintains our strict guidelines of performance. After years of development our factory has created, NaturalPrene. This cutting edge material is a natural rubber foam, harvested from renewable rubber trees that replaces traditional neoprene that is made from bad stuff. NaturalPrene is 100% neoprene-free. We then use a PVC free floatation foam. We have created what we set out to achieve. A high performance vest that will help us to start saving a small piece of the world, bit by bit.

Every S.P.R vest comes with a free stainless water bottle to help reduce our personal plastic bottle usage.


This cut is for all you fit guys out there. The Pro Fit tapered outline will keep the vest snug to your body and not up around your ears in the water. If you’re not Mr fitness, don’t stress, just go up a size, we wont tell anyone.


In a nutshell, PVC plastic is uniquely toxic among plastics because of its highly toxic ingredients which readily migrate into the environment during its production, use, and its disposal. So No PVC = Happy Earth.