1. The present Privacy Policy sets forth the rules and regulations of processing Personal Data collected through the Online Store (hereinafter referred to as the "Online Store").

2. The owner of the Online Store and simultaneously the Controller of Personal Data is Michał Druszcz who is carrying out business activity under the business name MD Water Sports Michał Druszcz with its registered office at Wschodnia 20, 05-220, Zielonka, Tax Identification Number NIP: 1250045027, statistical identification number REGON: 011657504, registered in the Central Registration and Information on Business of the Republic of Poland kept by the Ministry of Investment and Economic Development, hereinafter referred to as

3. acts with due diligence and care to respect the privacy of all Customers visiting the Online Store.


1. How do we collect the Data?

1. collects information on natural persons making juridical acts not directly related to their business activity and/or professional activity, natural persons conducting business and/or professional activity in their own name, and natural persons representing legal persons or organisational units other than a legal person having a statutory legal capacity who carry out business activity and/or professional activity in their own name, hereinafter jointly referred to as the Customers.

2. Personal Data of the Customers is collected in the case of:

a) Registration of an account in the Online Store;

b) placement of an order in the Online Store;

c) subscription to the information bulletin (Newsletter).

3. When registering an account in the Online Store, the Customer shall provide the following data:

a) e-mail address;

b) address data:

a. postal code and city;

b. country;

c. street with house/apartment number.

c) first name and last name;

d) social title and date of birth;

e) telephone number.

4. During the Registration process the Customer independently creates an individual password for the purposes of accessing his or her account in the Online Store. The Customer may change the password at a later date in accordance with the provisions of Article 4.

5. When placing an order in the Online Store the Customer shall provide the following data:

a) e-mail address;

b) address data:

a. postal code and city;

b. country;

c. street with house/apartment number.

c) first name and last name;

d) social title and date of birth;

e) telephone number.

6. In the case of Entrepreneurs, the above data shall be supplemented by:

a) business name of the Entrepreneur;

b) Tax Identification Number NIP.

7. In the case of using the Newsletter service, the Customer shall provide only his or her e-mail address.

8. When using the Store’s Website, additional information may be collected, in particular the IP address assigned to the Customer's computer or external IP address of the Internet Provider, the domain name, the type of browser, the access time, the type of operating system.

9. Navigation data may also be collected from Customers, including but not limited to information about links they chose to click on or other actions performed in the Online Store.


2. How do we use the Data collected?

1. In the case of registering an account in the Online Store, the Personal Data of Customers is used to create an individual account, as well as to maintain and manage that account.

2. In the case of making a purchase in the Store, Personal Data may be transferred (forwarded) to a delivery company, in order to deliver the Goods ordered.

3.Navigation data may be used for the purposes of providing Customers with better service, analysing statistical data and adjusting the Online Store to Customer’s preferences, as well as managing the Online Store.

4. Should the Customer subscribe to the Newsletter, shall send to his or her e-mail address e-mails containing commercial information about promotions and new products available in the Online Store.



3. Cookies, IP address

1. The Online Store uses small files called cookies. They are stored by on the computer of a person visiting the Online Store if the Internet browser allows it. A cookie file typically contains the name of the domain from which it originates, its "expiration date" and an individual, randomly selected number used for the purposes of identifying that cookie file. Information collected by means of those files allows for adjusting the products offered by to individual preferences and the factual needs of persons visiting the Online Store. It also renders it possible to prepare general statistics of how many times the products presented in the Online Store have been visited.

2. uses two types of cookies:

a) Session cookies: after the end of a browser session or a computer shutdown, the stored information is deleted from the device's memory. The session cookies mechanism does not allow for the collection of any Personal Data or any confidential information from the Customer’s computer.

b) Persistent cookies: they are stored in the memory of the Customer's terminal equipment (end device) and remain there until they are deleted or expire. The persistent cookies mechanism does not allow for the collection of any Personal Data or any confidential information from the Customer's computer.

3. uses its own cookies for the purposes of:

a) authentication of the Customer in the Online Store and retaining the Customer’s login information to maintain the session in the Online Store (after logging in), a mechanism by virtue of which the Customer does not have to re-enter the login and password on each subpage of the Online Store;

b) analysis and research as well as views audit, in particular preparing anonymous statistics that help to understand how Customers use the Store's Website, which allows for improving its structure and contents.

4. uses external cookies for the purposes of:

a) collecting general and anonymous statistical data by means of Google Analytics analytical tools (external cookies Collector: Google Inc. with is registered office in the USA);

b) displaying the Rzetelny Regulamin Certificate (Reliable Rules and Regulations) via the website (external cookies Collector: Rzetelna Grupa sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw).

5. Cookies are safe for the computers of the Customers of the Online Store. In particular, it is not possible for viruses or other unwanted software or malicious software to reach the Customers' computers. However, in their browsers, Customers have the possibility to limit or disable the access of cookies to their computers. Should a Customer use this option, he or she shall still be able to use the Online Store, except for using those functions that by their nature require cookies.

6. Below are presented instructions on how to change the settings of popular web browsers as regards the use of cookies:

a) Internet Explorer browser;

b) Mozilla Firefox browser;

c) Chrome browser;

d) Safari browser;

e) Opera browser.

7. may collect Customers IP addresses. An IP address is a number assigned to the computer of a visitor to the Online Store by the Internet service provider. The IP number allows the user of the Internet to access the Internet. In most cases, it is assigned to a computer dynamically, i.e. it changes every time the user connects to the Internet and is therefore generally regarded as non-personally identifiable information. The IP address is used by to diagnose technical problems with the server, to create statistical analyses (e.g. to determine the regions that generate the most visits), as information useful in managing and improving the Online Store, as well as for security purposes and identifying unwanted automatic programs for browsing the contents of the Online Store which overload the servers.

8. The Online Store contains links to other websites. is not responsible for the privacy policy protection rules and regulations and/or terms and conditions that govern on those websites.


4. Access to Data and security measures

1.Personal Data collected by via the Online Store shall be processed in accordance with the Act of 10 May 2018 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1000 [Dz.U. z 2018 r. poz. 1000])

2. Access to Personal Data of the Customers collected via the Online Store shall be granted only to authorized employees of

3. Personal Data of the Customers may be transferred to other entities on the basis of the provisions of the governing law or the consent given by the Customer. The list of entities referred to in the previous sentence is indicated in Article 2 "How do we use the Data collected?”.

4. shall provide all the Customers who have an account in the Online Store with uninterrupted access to their Personal Data and allow the Customers the possibility to modify the Data at any time. Access to and modification of Personal Data is possible after logging in to the account in the Online Store.

5. The Customer shall have the possibility to remove Personal Data from the database. shall have the right to refuse to delete the Customer's data if the Customer violated the Terms and Conditions applicable to the Online Store and the record of Personal Data is necessary to clarify the circumstances in question and determine the liability of the Customer, in particular in the event that should pursue claims against the Customer.

6. In the case of subscriptions to the newsletter, the Customer shall have the possibility to remove his or her e-mail address from the mailing list.

7. In the event that the Customer who has an account in the Store has lost his or her password in any way, the Store allows for a new password to be generated. does not send a password reminder. The password is stored in the database in an encrypted form, which makes it impossible to read or access. In order to generate a new password, the Customer shall enter his or her e-mail address in the form (field) available under the link "Forgot your password?" displayed under the field for logging in to the Customer’s account in the Store. A new password shall be automatically sent to the e-mail address provided during the Registration or to the address saved when the account was last modified by the Customer.

8. never sends any correspondence, including e-mails, asking for login data, in particular for the Customer’s Account password.


5. Amendments to the Privacy Policy

1. The Privacy Policy is subject to amendments, of which shall notify the Customers 7 days in advance.

2. Any questions regarding the present Privacy Policy shall be send to:

3. Date of last modification: 27.09.2018.